Healthy vegan bounty jar

A delicious and protein-rich breakfast, for the perfect start of the day.

This recipe is made for all coconut lovers, as it contains both coconut flour and coconut milk. Creamy coconut core and crispy chocolate crust are a perfect combination that will certainly convince you with its taste and texture. This jar is great for breakfast or even dessert, it’s rich in protein and made with just 5 simple ingredients. If you love healthy, quick and delicious breakfasts full of protein, this recipe is exactly what you need. It is also great for work or school, as you can make it in a jar, seal it and take it on the go.

It is made from tofu, coconut and erythritol and covered in dark chocolate. Simple, but really delicious! It’s also gluten free, so it is suitable for all those who don’t consume gluten. Spice up your breakfast and try this recipe!


Bounty jar is made with just 5 simple ingredients.

These are:

  • tofu– we used regular and not silken tofu (but you can use any type of tofu),
  • coconut flour,
  • coconut milk– from a can (light or full fat),
  • erythritol– you can also use white, brown or coconut sugar,
  • chocolate– use your favorite chocolate for topping.

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Healthy vegan bounty jar

Extremely tasty dessert with no added sugar or oil. It's also gluten free.
Servings 2 jars


  • 140 g tofu
  • 50 g desiccated coconut
  • 140 g coconut milk
  • 40 g erythritol
  • 40 g dark chocolate


  • Cut tofu into cubes and put in a blender.
  • Add coconut flour, coconut milk and erythritol and mix into a smooth mixture.
  • Pour into two jars and pour over melted chocolate and sprinkle with coconut.
  • Place in the refrigerator to allow the chocolate to harden.

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