Vegan chocolate oat bars

Chocolate oat bars made from only 6 ingredients are a tasty and healthy snack, perfect to take on the go.

These chocolate bars are a great idea if you don’t want to spend a lot of time making a healthy snack, as you don’t even need to turn on the oven, you just need a blender, and they can also be prepared with a stick blender. And the slices are extremely healthy and delicious. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, do not contain oil and flour, and you can also prepare a gluten-free version of these bars, just replace oatmeal with gluten-free and you already have gluten-free cereal bars.

The bars are handy for lunch and on the go, as they are just the right size and will also satiate you well. They are much healthier and cheaper than store bought cereal bars, which usually contain huge amounts of sugar and additives. These bars are actually sweetened with dates, which are very healthy and a great source of natural sugar. They also contain almonds, oatmeal, flax seeds, cacao powder and dark chocolate drops, which make them a real vitamin bomb. A single bite into these chocolate bars will enchant you with its incredible chocolaty taste.

Ingredients and procedure

All you need to make these delicious tiles are 6 simple ingredients :

  • dates – which are great for making raw desserts, as they are very soft and are a great binder, as well as naturally very sweet, so there is no need to add others sweeteners into desserts that contain a lot of dates,
  • oats – contain a lot of protein and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Oats are a great ingredient, perfect to replace flour, as they provide a long feeling of satiety, but they have a lot of other healing effects, you can also replace them with gluten-free oats if you avoid gluten,
  • chopped almonds – are an exceptional source of healthy fats and contain a huge variety of vitamins and minerals that our body needs,
  • flax seeds – a perfect source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,
  • cocoa powder – for the perfect chocolate flavour and
  • chocolate drops – we use dark chocolate drops, because dark chocolate is low in sugar and has a lot of health benefits.

Although the bars are ready in just a few minutes, it is good to soak the dates before starting. We usually soak them in lukewarm water overnight to become soft and easier to mix. However, if you don’t have a lot of time, you can also soften them by soaking them in hot water for at least half an hour.

Rinse the soaked dates, pour off the excess water and mix into a smooth cream with a stick mixer. Add oats, chopped almonds, flax seeds, cocoa powder and chocolate drops and mix well and place on a foil and shape into a rectangle, wrap in foil, and place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to harden, then cut it into 5 bars and store in fridge.

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Chocolate oat bars

Chocolate oat bars made with just 6 ingredients are a delicious and healthy snack.
Servings 5 bars


  • 80 g dates
  • 50 g oats
  • 30 g chopped almonds
  • 10 g flax seeds
  • 10 g cocoa powder
  • 30 g chocolate drops


  • Soak dates in lukewarm water overnight or for at least a few hours to soften.
  • Rinse the dates, pour away the excess water and mix them into a smooth cream with a stick mixer.
  • Add oats, chopped almonds, flaxseeds, cocoa powder and chocolate drops and mix well to get a compact mixture.
  • Place the mixture on foil, shape into a rectangle and wrap in foil.
  • Put it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to harden.
  • Cut into 5 bars and store them in the fridge.

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