Raw apple-cinnamon bliss balls

Treat yourself to these delicious apple bliss balls with a hint of cinnamon, which are a great healthy holiday snack.

Christmas bliss balls are extremely soft and juicy , and the taste is so divine, perfect for this holiday season. They contain a nice amount of dried apples, cinnamon and a little bit of  ginger, which create a wonderful harmony of flavours. They are extremely easy to prepare, as they do not need to be baked, you only need a blender to make them!

If you are like us and have only been baking cookies lately, you can try making these simple healthy balls that are made in just a few minutes for a change. All the ingredients need to just be mixed together, shaped into balls and rolled in cinnamon for a perfect look. A single bite into them will leave you speechless, because they are so soft and incredibly delicious.


The balls are made from whole, healthy ingredients and do not contain any added sugar. Because they contain a lot of nuts, dates, apples and spices, they are a real vitamin bomb.They are also gluten-free, so they are also suitable for everyone who is sensitive to gluten.

All you need to prepare them are 7 healthy ingredients :

Dry fruits

  • dates, which are great for making raw desserts, as they are very soft and are a great binder, and they are also naturally very sweet, so there is no need to add others sweeteners into desserts that contain a lot of dates,
  • dry apple slices, which provide an intense taste of apples and, in addition to dates, make the balls nicely sweet. Since we have our own apples, we dry them ourselves, so they certainly do not contain any added sugars or other additives,

Nuts – are an exceptional source of healthy fats and contain a huge variety of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. In raw desserts, we use ground nuts, which we mix with date cream to get the right texture to form balls, bars, cakes …

  • brazil nuts,
  • cashews,
  • roasted almonds,

Spices – give the balls a magical Christmas flavour. Cinnamon and ginger are the perfect combination for cold winter days, which help to boost immune system.

  • ginger and
  • cinnamon.

If you love simple and healthy raw desserts, like these balls, you should also check out our recipe for raw strawberry balls.


Raw apple & cinnamon bliss balls

Soft and divinely delicious apple balls are a great healthy snack with no added sugar.
Servings 14 balls


  • 100 g dates
  • 25 g dried apple slices
  • 15 g ground Brazil nuts
  • 40 g ground cashews
  • 60 g ground roasted almonds
  • pinch of powdered ginger
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder


  • Soak the dates in cold water overnight to soften them and make them easier to mix. If you don’t have enough time, you can soak them in boiling water for about half an hour.
  • Blend dates into a smooth paste, then add ground Brazil nuts, roasted almonds and cashews, ginger and cinnamon and mix everything together..
  • Finally, add chopped dry apple slices to the mixture and mix well.
  • Divide into about 14 parts and shape each one into a ball with your hands.
  • Put cinnamon in a small cup and roll each ball in it.
  • Keep the balls in a sealed container in the fridge.

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